Armenian Creatives meet to exchange developments in our artistic ideas and identities. A free-form get-together provides the setting to discuss projects that may or may not have to do with being Armenian, cultivating a community of integral support and infectious creativity. Initiated to hold a space that we couldn’t find prior, through these gatherings we aim to empower and liberate inventiveness, imagination, and individuality—sharing our different knowns along with our imminent futures and hopes...MORE ABOUT US HERE.


As members of the Armenian Creatives, we’ve turned to publishing as an act of resistance—a position indebted to the legacy of publishers who have formed, assembled, and circulated matter to continually demand a presence despite brutal contexts that seek to control, erase, and eradicate the possibility to be present... FIND OUR ISSUES HERE.


We have been hard at work creating publications, which encompas conversations, happenings, and programs the Armenian Creatives have been participating in since we formed in July 2018. We are humbled to offer series of publications for purchase, and garner support for our collective and community. We would be so grateful for your support...SHOP OUR ISSUES HERE.


We aim to archive a portion of each gathering, not only to tell stories of the past or to exist for future eyes, but to balance the presence shared in a moment...READ MORE HERE.