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Armenian Creatives:

Winter 2021

A collection of gatherings and collaborations, transcribed for the printed page, Transcription—the Space Before Translation is both love letter and testimony, correspondence and assembly, offered from and for members of our group, the Armenian Creatives.


Armenian Creatives meet to exchange developments in our artistic ideas and identities. A free-form get-together provides the setting to discuss projects that may or may not have to do with being Armenian, cultivating a community of integral support and infectious creativity.  Initiated to hold a space that we couldn’t find prior, through these gatherings we aim to empower and liberate inventiveness, imagination, and individuality—sharing our different knowns along with our imminent futures and hopes.

These monthly meetings may manifest over a meal cooked together, as well as through publication, printed or digital. We aim to archive a portion of each gathering, not only to tell stories of the past, or to exist for future eyes, but to balance the presence shared in a moment.

Armenian Creatives formed in Brooklyn, NY, but with the natural momentums of members following new dreams we now find ourselves in various corners of the world and aim to touch base through satellite choreography as much as possible. A majority of us still find ourselves in New York.

If you wish to join, let us know! Please send an email.

Images courtesy of Cassandra Tavukciyan and Google

List of members who have attended Armenian Creatives meetings since July 2018, whether one or every single meeting

Alina Gregorian, New York

Anahit Pogosian, New York

Arpi Adamyan, New York & Yerevan

Caroline Partamian, New York & California 

Emma Welty, Connecticut

Emly Stamboulian, New York

Harry Berberian, New York

Justin Mayfield, New York

Katie Giritlian, Chicago & New York

Kamee Abrahamian, Ontario

Kohar Minassian, New York

Linus Ignatius, New York

Leah McClosky, New York

Mher Tarakjian, New York & Paris

Rehan Miskci, New York

Roubina Tutunjian, New York

Souren Papazian, San Francisco & New York

Raffi Wartanian, Los Angeles

Anahid Yahjian, Los Angeles


Responsible for different letters, our group made and assembled a collective Armenian alphabet.

You can download the font for free here


Աա, Բբ, Ծծ, Ղղ, Յյ , Ջջ, Ււ—Anahit + Hakop
Գգ, Րր—Kohar
Դդ, Եե, Զզ—Roubina
Էէ, Տտ—Emily
Թթ, Ժժ, Իի—Alina
Լլ, Ոո, Քք—Kamee
Խխ, Սս—Katie
Կկ, Ձձ—Angel
Ճճ, Ցց—Justin
Մմ, Ռռ—Rehan
Նն, Չչ, Օօ—Leah
Շշ, Պպ—Souren
Փփ, Ֆֆ—Caroline


The following flyers, shared for both our internal meetings as well as our public programs, offer and circulate textures from our visual language.

Image credits: Arevmedyan Haystan archival photo, Minas Avetisyan’s Toujours Vie (1961), Dikran Spear’s Traditions of the Tigris, Metropolitan Museum,
Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, Watertown, Massachusetts, USA